The brand all about natural beauty. Pixi, by Petra Strand, is a leading make up brand with its focus on the essential elements that make skin beautiful. As creator, Petra Strand has over 20 years of make up artist experience that led her to develop her own line of make up focusing on natural beauty. The subtle and colorful shades in the collection add just the right amount of color to the skin without overpowering the look.

Those pesky sun and age spots have got to go! That’s why we’re giving away Murad Rapid Age Spot and Pigment Lightening Serum.

Expensive creams, facials, injections, and doctors – keeping your skin in tiptop shape isn’t cheap. So it’s no wonder I look for inexpensive ways to take care of my skin. A healthy diet, lots of water, and relaxation all work well. But the number one trick to better skin is keeping my hands off my face. It’s such a simple concept. And sometimes it’s the simplest things we often overlook. Unless I’ve just washed and dried my hands, I try not to touch my face.

I say “try” because it’s impossible to go totally hands free. And there’s an equally simple reason for this. All those germs and bacteria inhabiting cell phones, remote controls, and door handles (just to name a few) have no business being on your face. But it’s not viable to completely eliminate them from day to day life.

This week we are excited to be giving away a Real Techniques by Samantha Chapman miracle complexion sponge. It is a quick, easy and attainable way to achieve a fresh-faced and fabulous look.

This week, we have an awesome skin care set to give away from Amala Beauty. Keep reading  for how you can enter to win their Rejuvenate Ritual Collection!

If you haven’t noticed, brows are having their moment. And I love it.

avocado face mask


I love avocados. I have mastered my guacamole recipe. Every sandwich that I make has avocado on it. When I was researching homemade face masks and saw the many skin benefits of avocado masks, I knew I had to try it.

 We are so excited to be kicking off our first ever, month-long Friday Freebie giveaway with a free DermaOxy O2 treatment from BodyBrite. Find out more about this great oxygen facial and how to enter below!

eyebrow waxing bangs

Yes, you read the correctly. I am one of those horror stories your friends tell you about before you go to the salon to have your eyebrows waxed. I am that girl who had to get bangs. I am the girl who lost half of her eyebrow!

Hair can be a pesky little thing. And sometimes, a simple razor doesn’t cut it — literally and figuratively speaking. In those situations, waxing is your new best friend. With these at-home waxing products, you’ll save money and get results that will look more clean and last longer than your normal shave.

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