Food prepared for Thanksgiving

Let me make one thing clear: Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. We all get the day off, dress up, come together with our family, and eat like crazy. The food is delicious, but we can still enjoy it without eating 3,000 calories. Here are some healthy tips I’ve come up with over the past few holidays so we can avoid looking like we belong in the parade with an army of people guiding us through the streets of New York:

Looking for some tips to help you on your weight loss journey?  Then this giveaway is perfect for you!  Registered dietitian and nutritionist Molly Morgan has put together a book of 101 simple tricks to help you live a healthier (and skinnier) life.  Learn more and enter to win a copy of her book after the jump!


Have you heard of the New Sonoma Diet?  Closely related to the Mediterranean diet, it’s more of a healthy lifestyle than anything else.  It focuses on eating whole foods and controlling portion sizes, rather than basing its success around power bars or cutting out carbs. Learn more about the diet and enter to win a copy of the New Sonoma Diet book after the jump!

I don’t know about you, but whenever springtime approaches, I get inspired to change.  Since the world is getting a fresh start, I want to have a fresh start, too! This usually includes a desire to chop off my hair, buy a whole new wardrobe, and start working out more often.  Most years, I chicken out and don’t actually change a thing.  This year, though, I really do want to give myself a spring makeover to refresh both my body and mind- and you can, too!

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