Well, that’s not a fair statement. The bananas aren’t squeezed, they’re smoothed. The smoothie is one of the most simple, nutritious, and delicious ways to get have a quick meal. It’s like having a milkshake, but without all the fat and calories. After my daily morning workout (daily is used loosely here), I always make myself a peanut butter and banana smoothie. Not only is it absolutely delicious, but it’s really healthy too! Keep reading for the full recipe!

Healthy Falafel Burgers

Veggie burgers are my new favorite junk foods now that I’m on a plant-based diet. Falafel are one of my go-to snacks now, too. If you think I’m speaking a foreign language, I kind of am, but they’re nothing weird. They’re just chickpeas that are ground, formed into balls, and fried. Sounds good? It is. Anyway, I was in my mad-scientist mode last weekend and decided to try making falafel into burgers. I succeeded, and keep reading for the recipe!

Food prepared for Thanksgiving

Let me make one thing clear: Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. We all get the day off, dress up, come together with our family, and eat like crazy. The food is delicious, but we can still enjoy it without eating 3,000 calories. Here are some healthy tips I’ve come up with over the past few holidays so we can avoid looking like we belong in the parade with an army of people guiding us through the streets of New York:

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is a social media tool that allows you to organize and share the great things you find on the internet. Pinterest is an image-based website that directs users to the image’s content on the web. Keep reading to find out more about Pinterest and how to use it!

The Nutrilite Weight Management System is a perfect giveaway for the new year, when lots of our readers are looking for tips and guides to losing weight. Keep reading to see how you can enter the contest to win a whole box of goodies from Nutrilite that will definitely help get you started on a life-changing makeover!

Christina Provo helped us out with a lot of holiday tips in her newest feature on RWM! She teaches us great ways to indulge and keep everything in moderation, while helping us achieve our goals of health and fitness. Keep reading to learn more from Christina about surviving the holidays!

We love reading the blog Healthy Tipping Point, and we couldn’t believe it when we had a chance to work with Caitlin to produce a guest blog post on Running With Mascara.  Keep reading to learn what Caitlin had to share with us about the secrets to healthy living, and how you can improve a day at a time.

Bob and Jillian from The Biggest Loser

Episode 4 began with hundreds of cupcakes tempting the contestants as well as Alison’s news that 2 people are in fact going home this week. There was a yellow line and a red line. The contestant who fell below the red line goes straight home–no challenge, no voting!  The cupcake challenge involved contestants getting their hands on a Biggest Loser golden ticket that gives them a one pound advantage.  Even better, the longer you hold on to the ticket, the greater the ticket is worth.  However many weeks you hold on to it is how many pounds the ticket is worth!

the biggest loser

Gone are the rose-colored glasses from these contestants’ faces. All it took was one elimination to wreak complete havoc at the Ranch. Within the first five minutes two contestants were already talking about wanting to go home. How anyone can throw away an opportunity of a lifetime is beyond me!  Tina, the oldest contestant, who was spared from elimination last week told the contestants that she wanted to go home.

I am sure we all have been told that crash dieting is really unhealthy and that it doesn’t lead to long-term weight loss success.  If they are considered successful at all, it is only until you start eating normally again, and then the weight begins to slowly creep back on. But for some strange reason the powerful allure of quick and easy weight loss takes over people’s rational thought and they try crash dieting as a solution.

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