This upcoming fall season we may bare a little more skin than we’re used to. Continuing with summer’s crop-top craze, fall foot fashion calls for booties with tasteful cutouts. But what toenail polish to pair with your fashion-forward peep-toe boots? For a professional look, it’s always better to go with something in the nude family for toes. Check out this list of the best muted toenail polishes form Essie and Sinfulcolors!


I was flipping through Allure magazine the other day searching for a new favorite nail color. That’s when I discovered Essie’s classic “Mademoiselle” pink polish and fell in love. This perfect pink potion won a double stamp of approval from Allure’s Best of Beauty 2012 and Readers’ Choice 2013 awards. Naturally, I had to give it a try.

Working for a fashion website I tend to have endless possibilities when it comes to wearing nail polish to the office, since I can acceptably sport anything from neon yellow to glitter purple. However, when Editor Allison and I attended the SMS Summit to learn about new social media technologies, we decided to get professional with understated manis. Read on to see my rules and favorite shades to wear for professional engagements.

Spring is a time when I switch my favorite oxbloods and scarlets for bright poppies and red-oranges in my beauty routine. Products from blush to lipstick to even nail polish can be freshened up for Spring. Read on to see my favorite products for brightening up your palette.

Sometimes I get in a boring pattern with my nails, and then I have to try a fun manicure with inspiration from Allison’s review of Spring 2013 Fashion Week nails. Read on to see what colors I used and the super easy method for achieving this stare-worthy manicure.

Nail polish is great. It adds a pop of color to our outfits and it’s fun to try different nail art, but it chips, smudges and doesn’t last very long. That’s why we have embraced the nail sticker. And finally Essie, one of our favorite polish brands, has started making them.

It’s that time again – Spring nail polish collections are the talk of the web. Keep reading to see what collections we’re most looking forward to in 2013!

It’s hard to go on Twitter without reading about the gift guides posted by some of my favorite brands! Keep reading to learn the stores and collaborations I’ll definitely be hitting up in the coming weeks.

Fall is approaching, and I’ve been searching for creative ways to use my favorite new autumn-colored nail polishes. Keep reading to see this week’s unique manicure, and let me know how you plan to use this pattern on your nails!

I had a perfect Sunday evening yesterday, complete with a more complicated than usual DIY manicure. Keep reading to see how I embraced some of my favorite nail polishes for a one of a kind look this week.

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