The brand all about natural beauty. Pixi, by Petra Strand, is a leading make up brand with its focus on the essential elements that make skin beautiful. As creator, Petra Strand has over 20 years of make up artist experience that led her to develop her own line of make up focusing on natural beauty. The subtle and colorful shades in the collection add just the right amount of color to the skin without overpowering the look.

This upcoming fall season we may bare a little more skin than we’re used to. Continuing with summer’s crop-top craze, fall foot fashion calls for booties with tasteful cutouts. But what toenail polish to pair with your fashion-forward peep-toe boots? For a professional look, it’s always better to go with something in the nude family for toes. Check out this list of the best muted toenail polishes form Essie and Sinfulcolors!

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Since I haven’t really had the opportunity to introduce myself, I thought I’d take this chance to do so. I’m Dan. This post will let you know a little bit about me in some of my most embarrassing incidents. Hopefully, you can learn from my mistakes. Hell, hopefully can learn from my mistakes.  As the only male editor here, you won’t find me writing about nail polish, shoe trends, or fashion faux pas (I’m sure I’ve committed enough to be imprisoned by now). I have to adapt. So, let’s get to my stupidity.

The classic, leather riding boot is what prevents me from becoming totally depressed once fall comes. I look forward to wearing mine every year. It’s a beautiful shoe no doubts about it and you can’t beat that new leather smell of a fresh pair. Here are my favorites for this season.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year (after the holidays of course) where stores are having end of summer sales and preview sales on their new fall merchandise. With fall on the horizon, I’m starting to plan my fall wardrobe and my personal favorite part of any outfit is the shoes. Being on a budget, I plan on taking full advantage of all the sales when it comes to getting some new booties.

New trends in nail polish come and go, but I think this warm neutral is here to stay. Keep reading to get the scoop from Running with Mascara on the newest neutrals, and how you can incorporate them into a fun fall routine that isn’t too dark.

The days are getting chillier, and most likely, you’ve revised your summer wardrobe to include more pants and long-sleeved shirts and sweaters. Soon, a sweater just won’t cut it, and you’ll have to add a piece of outerwear. Are you ready? Keep reading to see some of our suggested methods for choosing a coat that’s right for you.

One of my favorite television shows is Gossip Girl, and let’s just say that it’s not because of the plot. Keep reading to see what we love about Gossip Girl, and what we stand to learn from these Upper East Siders’ incredible style choices.

It’s officially September, and even if the calendar says it’s still summer, the cooler temperatures are under way. What fashion items do you need for fall? Keep reading to get a breakdown of the most useful and trendy items, and be sure to tell us in the comments what you hope to buy!

It’s easy to look at the runway and marvel at the stunning clothing and super skinny models. The truth is, those clothes are often thousands of dollars per item, and none of us can fit into them. Keep reading to learn how to adapt runway styles to your own wardrobe, and save money in the meantime!

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