>NetZero hot spot

I have no idea why I felt like writing that as an old-timey newspaper headline, but I did. Anyway, people who know me know that I’m a huge tech nerd. I love having all the latest gadgets, and tend to spend whatever money I have on them. One thing I don’t spend money on though, is a data plan from my cell phone company. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love my cellphone company and have been with them for nearly a decade, but I see no reason in paying for a constant data connection. That’s where NetZero comes in with their 4G mobile internet to save the day. 

Forget spending loads of money on holiday gifts and decorations this year because we have a whole assortment of things to make and do using a simple list of materials you probably already have at home. Keep reading to see my favorite ways to spruce up your home and get it holiday season-ready in a flash.

Some of the most favorite gifts I have gotten are those that are personalized. I love having something that is unique and was made especially for me. If you have a wedding, birthday party or house warming party to attend, let me suggest these monogrammed gifts.

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