Think about it, we put so much hair spray, heat spray, frizz tamers and everything else in our hair to make us look fabulous. But have you ever thought that those products over time may be making your hair look limp and lifeless?

Just like you exfoliate your body to remove dead skin cells, you should be “exfoliating” and cleaning your hair. To help you with that we have a simple DIY Hair Detox to try about once a month to keep your locks looking lush for about $3 or less.

Find out how to detox your hair here!

The hair gods have answered my prayers. I’ve found a live-in conditioner that actually works. Unlike other products I’ve used, I can see a difference in my hair when I don’t use this product. It’s the TRESemmé Leave-in Conditioning Spray from their Split Remedy line and it’s amazing.

At a family event over the weekend I mentioned how my hair was feeling extra dry lately. That sparked a family conversation on how to fix my hair situation. And that led me to covering my head in coconut oil last Saturday night.


Ever get frustrated when the summer humidity turns your hair into a fluffy mess and you just can’t seem to find a good clip to hold it all in place? I may have found a solution. 

Forget expensive shampoos, conditioners, and even fancy hair dryers – the secret to healthy hair doesn’t always have to come with a hefty investment from your checkbook. Keep reading to see the super simple ways that you can have healthier hair starting today!

As much as I long for the clothes at New York Fashion Week, truth is I’ll never be able to afford a closet of designer clothes. At least when it comes to the hair and makeup seen on the runways, you can recreate those looks at home. I usually just wash and blow dry my hair in the mornings, but these hairstyles have inspired me to try something new.

As you know, I celebrated my wedding last weekend, which involved a lot of major decisions such as beauty projects and nail colors and even food. Keep reading to learn more about the one requirement I had for my bridesmaids’ hair on the big day!

We all have one of these – a hairstyle we sport when we don’t have time to put a ton of effort into our locks. Whether you woke up late, decided that you wanted to shower last minute, or simply didn’t feel like doing your hair, these styles are recommended for you! Keep reading to get the scoop on hairstyles that require minimal effort.


There are many ways to make your hair look the best it ever has even if you’re over 50! Keep reading to learn more about how to make your hair radiant!

During the week, I tend to leave my hair in its naturally-wavy form, and wait until the weekends to my straightener. Why? Straightening is a pain! It takes me 20+ minutes to blow-dry my hair after I shower, and then another 20+ minutes of straightening. And that’s on a good day, when my hair actually cooperates. Bad days can mean one whole hour of messing around with my locks so that they look decent.

If you haven’t gathered this yet, I’m not an expert when it comes to haircare. But I do have a system. Whether it’s the best one out there, I don’t know. I highly doubt it. Just in case,  though, here it is…

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