healthy food alternatives

We know eating healthy can at times be overwhelming. Especially with new super foods being found all the time, healthy and organic price tags and a general confusion over what is healthy. We have outlined 5 health foods, and their even healthier counterparts for you to enjoy!

While food can’t boost your IQ to an Albert Einstein level, they can certainly help improve your brain’s function.  Several foods, many of which you probably already have in your kitchen, can enhance your memory and alertness!  Keep reading to find out which snacks can actually make you smarter!

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I’m not a total diet freak, but I’m always looking for ways to eat healthier and more nutritious foods.  I’m pretty good at getting my daily dose of fiber and maybe one or two vegetable servings in there, but I’m not perfect.  So I was intrigued to find out what foods needed to be removed from my diet and fast!  Find out what those foods are after the jump!

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