Food prepared for Thanksgiving

Let me make one thing clear: Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. We all get the day off, dress up, come together with our family, and eat like crazy. The food is delicious, but we can still enjoy it without eating 3,000 calories. Here are some healthy tips I’ve come up with over the past few holidays so we can avoid looking like we belong in the parade with an army of people guiding us through the streets of New York:

Erin Whitehead of The Fit Bottomed Mamas is our guest feature this Monday, and we’re beyond thrilled. We love reading their advice on all things parenthood, and they pull information from reliable sources into easy-to-read posts. Keep reading to learn more about Erin, and what led her to write for the Fit Bottomed Girls’ spinoff, Fit Bottomed Mamas!

Our friends over at Everyday Health have featured an excellent interview article that has best-selling author and fitness guru Jillian Michaels (formerly of TV’s The Biggest Loser) talking to another best-selling author and money guru- the one and only Suze Orman. Both of these women are inspirations and are deserving of this platform. Read more to see what Suze has to tell Jillian about rising to the top despite personal struggles and how she was able to get to know herself and what she was made of

I don’t know about you, but whenever springtime approaches, I get inspired to change.  Since the world is getting a fresh start, I want to have a fresh start, too! This usually includes a desire to chop off my hair, buy a whole new wardrobe, and start working out more often.  Most years, I chicken out and don’t actually change a thing.  This year, though, I really do want to give myself a spring makeover to refresh both my body and mind- and you can, too!

I love using my Wii! I’ll admit that I don’t have a ton of games, but I do have the pretty standard Wii Sports. While I don’t think it’s going to help me lose any weight or get me super fit, it’s still a fun way to get moving. I’m hoping that Jillian Michaels’ new game, Jillian Michaels: Fitness Ultimatum 2011, will be even more enjoyable and help me break a sweat in a new way. Lucky for us, we got a sneak peak on the game, and we even have a few tips for the fitness icon Jillian Michaels! The full article can be found here, but if you’re looking for a few tips, keep reading!

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