It seems like everyone always goes crazy for summer. And some people really do go crazy. There’s something about the warmer weather that makes people do crazy things to look and feel great. From drastically changing their eating habits to starting  intense workout overloads, people will do almost anything to feel good about their bodies.

But it’s shocking that sometimes they overlook the easiest and simplest plan of all. There’s no need to purchase fancy diet pills or specialized food products because if you’re looking to get in shape for summer, the answer is much cheaper and healthier – eat the right kinds of foods.

Recently, we Running with Mascara Editors received a few sample bags of Rhythm Superfoods Kale Chips to taste!  The first thing we all thought was “what the heck is a kale chip?”  We didn’t know what to expect!  Find out what we thought of these raw snacks after the jump.

I don’t know about you, but spring and summer weather make me want to run around outside all the time! Unfortunately, sometimes this means being outside long enough to make it inside a restaurant. Let’s face it, it’s hard to avoid eating and drinking out when you’re hanging out with friends!

So the war with myself begins. To go out and have a good time and eat poorly, or stay in and sulk but eat healthy foods. I choose neither! Realistically, since I know I’ll potentially be eating out more, I need to try and find some balance in my life.

Here are some tips I came up with to help me enjoy my nights out without coming home feeling overly-stuffed, guilty or sick to my stomach.

If I make the mistake of not eating enough at dinner, I know I’m going to pay for it later. My stomach will start grumbling as the clock strikes 12, and I feel like Cinderella’s carriage. My time is running out, and I don’t want to be a pumpkin again!

OK, maybe I’m exaggerating a little. But when I’m hungry at night, I feel compelled to rush down to the kitchen and grab a snack. Rarely, is that snack green or fruity. It’s most likely going to be chocolatey, salty or sweet. But no more, I say! I’m changing my ways, and I’m going to tell you some of Fit&Fab Living’s best (and healthiest!) late-night snacks!

One of the easiest places to fall off the healthy eating bandwagon is at work! I don’t know about you, but I work at a desk in front of a computer for a large part of the day, so sneaking unhealthy snacks into my day is easy.

I quickly learned that if I didn’t want to pack on the pounds, I’d have to bring healthy snacks to work. Otherwise the vending machine might start whispering sweet nothings in my ear. Since I try to eat healthy during the work week, I took a much-needed trip to the grocery store and scoured the aisles for snacks that I could eat that would keep me satisfied and on track.

Check out these 4 healthy snacks that will actually keep you satisfied!

It’s that time of year when if you’re a gym-goer, you notice a sea of shiny, new faces; and if you’ve just made that resolution to get fit, you may be embarking on that first trip to the gym. Either way,  the beginning of the year is the perfect time to keep up with the workout that you stuck to last year, or turn over a new leaf and make this year different from years of failed fitness resolutions.

Either way, it’s a good thing that the new year’s fitness hype starts in January because there’s nothing about January weather on its own that makes it easy to decide to leave your cozy, comfortable home to exercise. But if you use your renewed new year’s vigor to make it out the door, then all the better!

The holidays are almost an impossible time to stick to a diet, unless you have more will power than…nope, I still maintain that it’s impossible.  With sweets and desserts every which way you look, it truly is the most wonderful time of year, except when you’re looking to lose a couple of pounds or just stay on track!

Even if you are trying to stick to a diet during the holiday season, it can easily transform you into a grump. Nobody enjoys turning down delightful desserts just to stay within a designated calorie range. But this season, take control of the dessert options and offer to bring them to the parties and gatherings. Why? Because Fit&Fab Living has 10 healthy holiday desserts that will satisfy any sweet tooth without causing you to pack on the pounds.  Bring these healthier dessert options and you’ll be able to indulge a bit without damage to your diet.

Recently I’ve been experimenting a lot more in the kitchen. I am pretty sure reading all the amazing healthy living and food blogs out there has inspired me to be more adventurous! I’ve seen some spectacular pictures of healthy and delicious dishes, and  I finally decided to try, too!

Although I’ve been a vegetarian for just about 7 years now, I definitely haven’t cooked as many things or experimented with as many new foods as I wanted to.  For a long time, cooking = stress.  Would it turn out right? What if I messed up the recipe? Would I even know what some of the ingredients are or where to find them? So I stuck to simple recipes–mainly pasta, pasta and more pasta.

Buying organic has become a trendy thing to do. We’ve been bombarded by the health and environmental benefits of buying organic; however, organic food is one of those topics that tends to ignite controversy. Is it really healthier?  Is it worth the big bucks?  Is it better for the environment? Is it safer? I guess it all depends on the reason why you decide to purchase organic in the first place.

According to a recent report released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, we still aren’t eating enough fruits and vegetables — in fact, fruit consumption has actually dropped! I am actually kind of surprised by this finding. It seems that over the last few years, there has been a huge push towards eating healthful and nutrition foods. With so much talk aimed at getting Americans to eat healthier, it’s kind of shocking that the results aren’t showing these efforts. 

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