Recently, I’ve started trying to live a healthier lifestyle. After converting to vegetarianism, I thought the next logical step would be to exercise more. I’ve been going to the gym more regularly, and let me be frank: I hate it. However, I am 25 pounds slimmer than I was 6 months ago, so I won’t complain. To take my health-consciousness to the next level, I decided I’d start incorporating more green tea, dark chocolate, and wine into my diet. The dark chocolate and wine you’ll never hear me complain about, but the green tea is another story. I find myself asking the question: does anyone actually like this stuff?

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is a social media tool that allows you to organize and share the great things you find on the internet. Pinterest is an image-based website that directs users to the image’s content on the web. Keep reading to find out more about Pinterest and how to use it!

It’s becoming more and more common for employers to pay employees for getting healthy, usually by losing weight.  This trend is taking over the United States as employers are realizing how expensive health care is!In 2000, American companies spend about $56 billion on obesity-related health care costs!  Many employers are offering cash incentives for employees to lose weight, and other employers are offering bonuses, vacation days, discounted health insurance and other prizes. I read about one company that was offering a free cruise for people met specific weight loss goals!

What do you think about weight loss incentive programs like this?

Eating healthy can be hard.  Not only can it be difficult to fit the more nutritious options into your daily meals, but sometimes we don’t even know what foods to eat.  Of  course fruits and vegetables top off this list, but which ones are the best?  There are so many to choose from.  If I am going to make a point of adding more vegetables to my meals, then I want them to really count! I want to eat the ones that will give me the best nutritional bang for my buck.

Take the mini-food quiz after the jump to test your nutritional knowledge!

Bob and Jillian from The Biggest Loser

Episode 4 began with hundreds of cupcakes tempting the contestants as well as Alison’s news that 2 people are in fact going home this week. There was a yellow line and a red line. The contestant who fell below the red line goes straight home–no challenge, no voting!  The cupcake challenge involved contestants getting their hands on a Biggest Loser golden ticket that gives them a one pound advantage.  Even better, the longer you hold on to the ticket, the greater the ticket is worth.  However many weeks you hold on to it is how many pounds the ticket is worth!

I am sure we all have been told that crash dieting is really unhealthy and that it doesn’t lead to long-term weight loss success.  If they are considered successful at all, it is only until you start eating normally again, and then the weight begins to slowly creep back on. But for some strange reason the powerful allure of quick and easy weight loss takes over people’s rational thought and they try crash dieting as a solution.

The second episode of The Biggest Loser was just what I was waiting for — the contestants arrived at the Ranch! And in a typical game play twist, Bob and Jillian were able to each choose one person who didn’t make the cut from the season premiere and bring them to the Ranch.  Bob brought back Aaron, and Jillian brought back Elizabeth, who surprised the rest of the contestants as they waltzed onto the show sporting yellow t-shirts. Keep reading to discover this season’s big shockers!


Starting on Friday, August 13, 2010, the 2nd Annual Healthy Living Summit kicked off in Chicago! This popular event was completely sold out to the dismay of many (including myself) who found out about it too late. The event seems to attract primarily bloggers, considering the subtitle of the summit is “Bloggers For A Balanced Lifestyle,” but the summit welcomed and encouraged non-bloggers to attend, too.

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