These healthy snacks will definitely tempt you to snack better in 2012! Keep reading for our best recipes and tips on snacking healthy.

The Guac Squad over at Wholly Guacamole sent us an amazing prize pack full of organic and spicy guacamoles and salsas, and now they’re doing the same for you! Keep reading for more info on how to win!

Recently, we Running with Mascara Editors received a few sample bags of Rhythm Superfoods Kale Chips to taste!  The first thing we all thought was “what the heck is a kale chip?”  We didn’t know what to expect!  Find out what we thought of these raw snacks after the jump.

A week or so ago, I was lucky enough to score some free samples of Wings of Nature Organic Health bars. As someone who loves granola bars and snack foods, I was pretty excited to try something new and different.

I work at a computer 8 hours a day and I always have my shelves lined with mostly healthy snack foods to curb my mid-morning and mid-afternoon cravings.  I get sick of the same old snacks, so it’s nice to have another healthy option.

The Wings of Nature health bars, however, aren’t actually granola bars, although they are in bar form. They’re filled with various nuts and fruits. Unlike most granola and snack bars, these health bars use natural sweeteners that don’t spike blood sugar levels as much as other sweeteners. I love that all the ingredients are organic, but I’ll save my review for below!

If I make the mistake of not eating enough at dinner, I know I’m going to pay for it later. My stomach will start grumbling as the clock strikes 12, and I feel like Cinderella’s carriage. My time is running out, and I don’t want to be a pumpkin again!

OK, maybe I’m exaggerating a little. But when I’m hungry at night, I feel compelled to rush down to the kitchen and grab a snack. Rarely, is that snack green or fruity. It’s most likely going to be chocolatey, salty or sweet. But no more, I say! I’m changing my ways, and I’m going to tell you some of Fit&Fab Living’s best (and healthiest!) late-night snacks!

When it comes to snacking, I absolutely love to eat sweet treats. That includes chocolate chip cookies, peanut butter and fruit. In moderation, I’m sure I could eat them all and be fine. But that’s easier said than done. I mean, I’m not a saint. If I could pass up the second and third and fourth cookie, I probably wouldn’t have to write this post. But since I’m the type of person who can’t always eat treats in moderation, I’m going to give you some of my tips for smart snacking.

One of the easiest places to fall off the healthy eating bandwagon is at work! I don’t know about you, but I work at a desk in front of a computer for a large part of the day, so sneaking unhealthy snacks into my day is easy.

I quickly learned that if I didn’t want to pack on the pounds, I’d have to bring healthy snacks to work. Otherwise the vending machine might start whispering sweet nothings in my ear. Since I try to eat healthy during the work week, I took a much-needed trip to the grocery store and scoured the aisles for snacks that I could eat that would keep me satisfied and on track.

Check out these 4 healthy snacks that will actually keep you satisfied!

fruit and yogurt parfait

It seem like every summer, there’s a renewed emphasis on eating healthy.  Maybe that’s because there are so many tasty fruits and vegetables in season, and maybe it’s because it’s the time of year when everyone wants to look picture perfect for shorts, skirts and tank top season!  Snacking is definitely once place where people’s diet plans are sabotaged, so  I thought I’d tell you about my favorite  tasty healthy snack and provide a few recipes so that you can eat right without sacrificing deliciousness.

Last Monday, I updated you on my first week of official long run marathon training! Since I’ve been rather lazy, I had to jump into a 13.1 mile run to really get my training started.  It wasn’t easy, but it had to be done because I have a marathon coming my way in less than two months!  Yesterday’s long run got me thinking about preparing for intense training and how easy it is to get injured if you’re not prepared for intense cardiovascular activity!

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