I will readily identify as one of the makeup challenged. It’s sad, but true fact. So, when I find something I like and can figure out how to use it without looking like a clown, I stick to it like a really needy girlfriend. I wear my eyeliner stick down to a stub, use my mascara tubes until they’re empty and apply my eye shadow until I’m scraping the edge of the container to get the last scraps of powder. My intentions are both loyal and frugal, but I do realize that I am using my products past their expiration dates. Luckily I have found some tried and true methods for keeping my makeup kit in tip top shape so that I can get the most bang for my buck. Want to know my secrets? keep reading to find out more.

During the sweaty summer months, the last thing you want is a weighed down face full of makeup. Last summer, BB Creams were all the rage for those who wanted light coverage makeup with an illuminating finish. Now, the light feel and glowing power of a beauty balm is being combined with the anti-aging properties of an anti-aging cream to form what is being called a CC cream. AA (anti-aging) plus BB (beauty balm) equals CC (color correcting). Get it?

So, what’s the real difference between a BB cream and a CC cream? Well, a CC cream provides all the benefits that a BB cream does (conceals, hydrates, evens skin tone and protects with SPF) with one added bonus. CC creams visibly reduce the appearance of dark spots, sun spots and acne scarring. It’s basically a BB cream, but with a little extra pizzazz.

If you’re a woman you know that seeing a makeup look you like and actually recreating it is one of the toughest tasks imaginable. And there’s nothing more aggravating than wiping it all off and starting over. I use Pinterest quite often to learn all about how to apply eye makeup to get my desired effect, so I’m passing on some of my favorite guides to you. Read on!

When you’re attending a wedding or even taking part in one, do you want your makeup to look like it does on an average Tuesday? Since we know the answer to that question is no, keep reading to learn how to amp up your makeup for special occasions!

red lipstick

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, you’re probably searching for the perfect Valentine’s day look – the outfit, the makeup and the hair. I tend to be a makeup minimalist. I’ll cover up zits and blotchy spots as well as use mascara and eyeliner, but that’s about it. This allows me to keep my morning routine to 10 minutes or less.

But why not spice things up a bit for Valentine’s Day? I won’t lie, I am deathly afraid of red lipstick. Actually, I don’t like wearing red anything – I’ve never felt good in red. I’ve always believed that some people can pull it off, and others, well, can’t.  Apparently, wearing red lipstick isn’t so cut and dry.  It turns out that anyone can pull off red lipstick if it’s the right shade, the right outfit and the right occasion.

The other day, I was searching around the internet and stumbled upon a virtual makeover site at http://taaz.comThere, you could change your makeup, hairstyle, and even try on sunglasses to see if they suit your face! When I first got on the site, I thought that it would be like all the others I’ve tried before.  You slap a cartoon hairstyle on your head, it spray-paints bright red blush on your face, and you look like a clown, but you had fun doing it.  This site is completely different, and I’ll tell you why!

After my L’Oreal Telescopic Eye Liner ran dry a couple of days, I started to realize how important my eyeliner is to me. It’s by far the best eyeliner I’ve ever used, and trust me, I’ve used a bunch of them. I actually reviewed L’Oreal Telescopic Eye Liner a couple months ago, but I never got a chance to post about it. Make sure to keep reading to see how much I love this makeup!

Maybelline eyeshadow

About a month ago, I wrote a post about how the editors of Fit&Fab Living teamed up to create workout videos. Well, we did it again, only this time instead of making workout videos, we gathered up our favorite beauty products and reviewed them.  We had no contact with the companies of any of the products, so you can trust that our reviews are honest.  If you’re looking to try out some new beauty products, or at least hear reviews, check out our product review videos and find something to try! Plus, I’ve also included some helpful beauty tips to go along with the videos!

I have always wanted bold, beautiful, and, well…eye-catching eyes! Unfortunately, I have been stuck in a makeup rut- I have been doing my makeup the exact same way for over 3 years now!  Boring!  So I decided to read Fit & Fab Living’s article on eye makeup tips- read some of my favorites after the jump!

mascara wand, lipstick, nail polish and eyeshadwoYesterday, I began telling you about my no fuss beauty routine.  I am a firm believer in quick and effective beauty routines since I am not willing to set my alarm clock any earlier than I already have to!  Here’s my quick and easy hair and makeup tips, too along with my favorite beauty products.  If you just happen to have curly hair, then I would definitely keep reading!

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