Ever wished that some day they would discover a way to tan that would actually be good for you? No free radicals, no harmful UV lights, just the sun-kissed glow that we all strive for in these short summer months. Perhaps there is a solution: bronzer.  But not just any bronzer, this VMV Hypoallergenics “Tarte-à-Tan” powder works miracles for your skin. 

Okay let’s count up how many completely useless “exfoliating” soaps, bars, gels etc. that you can find in your bathroom. Something like “way too many” right? They may work right when you get out of the shower or for a couple hours if you’re lucky but in reality, they never really make your skin baby-bottom soft. Well, all that’s about to change. I tried LUSH Fresh Handmade Cosmetics “Buffy” body butter and I love it!

This week, the folks at NECTRESSE™ are ready to get you in peak shape for the summer! Keep reading for how you can enter to win their yoga giveaway! 

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