This week brings a 3-item gift pack for a lucky reader. Straighten, curl or wave your hair with one product, get fit on your busy schedule and read about what tips and recipes will keep your skin looking gorgeous! Keep reading for how you can WIN! Good luck!

The Bar Method
is a super-sculpting workout on 5 DVDs that includes beginner workouts AND advanced sculpting workouts¬† to get you started on the right foot in the new year. Although this is called The Bar Method and is based on dance conditioning, there is NO BAR REQUIRED! Keep reading to learn how you can win— WEEK TWO means there is more time to enter!


Who really has hours to dedicate to going to the gym, getting in a good cardio workout, followed by strength training and stretching? Maybe every now and again it’s possible, but it’s definitely not easy to accomplish most days of the week.¬† If you’re one of the many people who give up on working out because you don’t have the time — don’t! There’s still hope for people with busy lives to stay in shape.

Keep reading for the best 1-minute exercises to ward off your unwanted fat!

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