Healthy Falafel Burgers

Veggie burgers are my new favorite junk foods now that I’m on a plant-based diet. Falafel are one of my go-to snacks now, too. If you think I’m speaking a foreign language, I kind of am, but they’re nothing weird. They’re just chickpeas that are ground, formed into balls, and fried. Sounds good? It is. Anyway, I was in my mad-scientist mode last weekend and decided to try making falafel into burgers. I succeeded, and keep reading for the recipe!


Since it’s Editor Allison’s birthday this weekend and my birthday the next weekend, our whole office is in a birthday mood! As much as I love regular birthday cake, sometimes special individual birthday treats are in order. Keep reading to see the unique birthday-flavored treats that I’m thinking of bringing to the office.

In the summer, adding fruit is a great refresher for any meal. Top off a great summer grilling session with a dessert full of fresh strawberries – your guests will love it, we promise!

I don’t know about you, but I love a smoothie for breakfast
. Fresh fruit can be a pain to cut up, and how many times have you forgotten that apple on the kitchen counter before heading to work? Keep reading for the easy and super-healthy smoothie recipes that will change the way you see breakfast. More after the jump!

Are you on your way home from the office and have no idea what to make for dinner tonight? Keep reading to see some of our healthiest dinner ideas from Fit&Fab Living, and tell us what recipes you want us to try!

We’ve known for a long time that muffins can be an extremely healthy (and tasty!) breakfast option, but there are also the bad guys out there full of carbs and fat. We’re here to redefine the muffin and provide you with ten tasty muffin recipes that are easy to make and don’t lack in taste.

The Guac Squad over at Wholly Guacamole sent us an amazing prize pack full of organic and spicy guacamoles and salsas, and now they’re doing the same for you! Keep reading for more info on how to win!

Anyone will tell you that a huge part of looking and feeling your best is eating right. Here at Fit&Fab, we always help our readers make informed decisions about food and health, and today we have some great suggestions about the most important meal of the day. Keep reading to get recipes and tips!

peas in a pod

It’s easy to give up on making healthy food decisions because, let’s face it, healthy food isn’t delicious!  Who wants to swap out french fries and burgers with a heaping plate of steamed kale?  We all know the benefits of eating plenty of fruit and veggies, and still yet, it’s hard!  With a few simple swaps, you can enjoy foods you love and feel great!

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