The idea of putting honey on my face as a mask was actually terrifying to me. I didn’t see how slapping on a sticky condiment could make my skin clearer or more moisturized. It turns out, this substance made for one of the most moisturizing face masks I’ve ever used.

Skin care products can be tricky to pick out; it can be easy to fall into the “that one is pretty!” trap or the “that one says ‘anti-aging’ on it!” hole.  We’re here (with the help of tips from dermatologist Dr. Paul Friedman) to help teach you what you should look for and what you should avoid when picking out an effective skin care product.

I rarely wear many beauty products, but weirdly enough, I love purchasing them. Whenever I go grocery shopping or run to Target to pickup various odds and ends, I can’t let myself walk down the beauty aisles because I’m so easily suckered into buying beauty products. And we all know that beauty products aren’t cheap!

Even if I know that I’ll only use it for about a weeks or so before I get bored or realize that it takes too much time out of my day to worry about, I still can’t fight the urge to try new products. Maybe the allure of the package or marketing copy is too much to resist.

Planning to have some fun in the sun this Memorial Day weekend?  Before you go scorching your skin, spend today learning about ways to protect yourself this summer.  The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the National Council on Skin Cancer Prevention have joined together to name today “Don’t Fry Day.” Learn more after the jump.

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