Those pesky sun and age spots have got to go! That’s why we’re giving away Murad Rapid Age Spot and Pigment Lightening Serum.


I have always struggled with oily skin. It’s a family curse. Thanks, mom! Over the years, I’ve created a skin care and makeup regimen that cuts down on oil and leaves me with a great look. Try it out and see if it works for you, too.

The idea of putting honey on my face as a mask was actually terrifying to me. I didn’t see how slapping on a sticky condiment could make my skin clearer or more moisturized. It turns out, this substance made for one of the most moisturizing face masks I’ve ever used.

 Breaking the Sunscreen Stigma

I have heroically struggled over the last four years to change the way that I think about sunscreen. If you’re like me, the word itself brings up not only those pleasant days at the beach as a kid, but the epic battle between you and your mom every morning before you went out. In my house, the story went like this: she wanted to protect my skin from a painful burn, and I wanted that smelly, sticky, oily stuff as far away as possible. She was trying to prevent me from having a tantrum later, and I was interested in having a tantrum now. So while the sunscreen was always applied eventually (who can win against a mother with common sense on her side?) the repeated experience each summer for the first ten years of my life gave me a pretty strong bias against all sun protection related products.

Mom deserves to look her best, and with this week’s prize, she can!
Keep reading to learn how you can win this awesome set of skincare products that mom will adore. More after the jump…

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