Known as the “Porcelain Princess” in my house, I never really got the chance to work on my tan – that is until this summer. 

 Breaking the Sunscreen Stigma

I have heroically struggled over the last four years to change the way that I think about sunscreen. If you’re like me, the word itself brings up not only those pleasant days at the beach as a kid, but the epic battle between you and your mom every morning before you went out. In my house, the story went like this: she wanted to protect my skin from a painful burn, and I wanted that smelly, sticky, oily stuff as far away as possible. She was trying to prevent me from having a tantrum later, and I was interested in having a tantrum now. So while the sunscreen was always applied eventually (who can win against a mother with common sense on her side?) the repeated experience each summer for the first ten years of my life gave me a pretty strong bias against all sun protection related products.

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Coppertone has made high quality sunscreens at affordable prices for as long as I can remember, so I was delighted when Coppertone sent us some of their best products to test. Keep reading to hear my review of an assortment of sunscreens, and enter this week’s Friday Freebies for your chance to win THREE (3) of their latest products we know you’ll depend on all year long.

The sun is spending more time in the sky with lengthening days, and that means now it’s more important than ever to make sure that your skin is protected from harmful UV rays. Keep reading to see my favorite products for shielding your skin — Some of them even smell good! And, they’re all available at your local drugstore.

I know there’s been a lot about skincare on RWM lately, but I can’t help it. It’s summer, and it’s on everyone’s mind. How do I protect my skin from the sun? How do I protect my skin from chlorine and/or salt water? How do treat damaged skin? How do I keep my skin looking youthful and vibrant?

Check out these 3 ways to get vibrantly young skin!

We editors have done a pretty good job of covering these bases, if I do say so myself! ;)   And I’m going to continue the trend once again – mostly because I just got my first sunburn of the season and I’m pretty bummed about it.

With all the new cases of skin cancer popping up each year, protecting your skin from harmful UV rays is more important than ever. I always used to get burnt not because I refused to wear sunscreen, but because I didn’t really understand how it worked. Having the facts can be the difference between scorching your skin and increasing your chances of skin cancer and having beautiful, less-wrinkled skin. So read up on these sunscreen myths and make sure you apply sunscreen each day (if you’re going outside).

If you haven’t purchased sunblock yet this season, definitely do so. Here are the editors’ picks for best sunblocks!

I’ve never been too fond of hair and skin beauty routines. This is probably because I like to spend as little time as possible getting ready to go. I don’t like adding additional steps that tack on the minutes.

But sometimes during the winter months my skin gets so dry that I have to take additional time and lather up with lotion or work on keeping my hair moisturized from the dry air.  I have never really considered summer to be a problem, although after reading these tips from Theresa Jacobson, director for the school of Cosmetology & Clinical Skin Care for Florida Career College, I’m convinced that maybe I should make a more of an effort to treat my skin and hair right all year round.