Read on for a recap of last night’s dramatic episode; who stepped up to the plate…and who was sent packing?

What happened on the premiere of The Biggest Loser? Keep reading for the skinny (gotta love that play on words) on what went down, plus some diet and exercise tips of our own!

Who was the big winner on the Biggest Loser finale last night? Keep reading for the winner, diet tips and our best exercises for maintaining your weight loss!

This week’s episode began with exuberant celebration by Irene, Jay, Hannah and Olivia about making it to the final 4!

At the first challenge, Jennie-O  would awarded $5,ooo to the contestant who could make the best turkey burger. The winner also got to choose a loved one to stay at the Biggest Loser Fitness Resort for 2 weeks. The critics of the turkey burgers? A giant bunch of elementary school kids to act as taste testers.  Jay’s volcano burger and Hanna’s cheesy turkey burger were the top two. The kids spoke and decided that Jay’s burger was the winner, with 31 votes!

Tonight, the final 4 contestants will be determined, which means game on!

Alli came in , as usual, to tell the contestants that this week was Biggest Loser final exams week. This was a BL first! They were all getting tested in 5 areas: spinning with Bob, motivating techniques with Jillian, boxing with Cara and a health & wellness quiz with smarty-pants Brett. The fifth test remained a mystery. Whoever received the best grade in the house wins $10,000!

In Bob’s class, both Olivia and Hannah scored 100 points for 100%! Unfortunately, Jay tried to get creative and had Bob take his spin bike seat off for a “first” ride training, which resulted in his failing the test.

The contestants were greeted by a horse and buggy carrying the one and only TIM GUNN!   This meant one thing – makeover week! Tim told the contestants that he chose 3 gifts for them all. First a makeover and the other gifts he’s kept secret for a bit longer.

The first step was to visit Ken Paves, a celebrity hair stylist. He gave each contestant a dramatically new look.

Once the contestants were made up, complete with gorgeous outfits, they were escorted up winding stairs where family members awaited to see their transformations.

Out of all the contestants, Olivia’s makeover was by far my favorite, although Irene also looked amazing. It was shocking to see Austin with a hair cut!

This week the contestant’s returned to the ranch after their New Zealand adventure. And because of a new reality show called The Voice,Of course, Ali Sweeney met them to give them the important news, which was that it’s favorite’s week. This week favorite contestants from season’s past will make an appearance on the show. As soon as they entered the gym, Sam and Ali were waiting for them and put them through a circuit workout.

This week the contestants witnessed the beauty of Queenstown, New Zealand. The landscape was absolutely gorgeous! After taking the beauty of their surroundings, Ali informed the contestants that they are now playing the game as singles – going back to their original colors. The contestants now get to train from all of the trainers. And then from way up in the sky, Brett floated down, attached to a parachute.

Cara took Hannah and Kaylee to a place in Queenstown where they had jump off a cliff – 358 feet high! They fell at a speed of 93 mph!

This week not only were we a player short, but we were also a trainer short. Then Ali surprised the contestants with extremely exciting news: for the next two weeks, the contestants will heade to New Zealand. Austin won a special economy plus seat by answering a trivia question – how tall is the sky tower of Auckland, the tallest structure in the Southern hemisphere. The answer was 1,076 feet.

After last week’s elimination, Courtney was now the sole member of the red team. On the plus side, she had her own personal trainer, Brett.

For this week’s challenge, each team got a flag. They had 15 minutes to guess how far away a mile was and plant the flag in that spot. The winning team received a night out Hollywood style.

The losers had to clean every inch of the Biggest Loser campus, including the sweaty gym. Black team beat out the blue team by 4 feet!

Jillian also confronted Roulan about his compulsive night eating. She didn’t scream or berate him as many might expect from Jillian, but listened and truly tried to teach him how to enjoy those foods in a healthy way. After all, those chips won’t be going any where in the real world.