Yesterday, photos of Michael Phelps’ Louis Vuitton ad appeared on the internet.  You really want that guy from the Subway commercials in your ads Louis Vuitton? Sure he’s the most decorated Olympian of all time, but $5 foot longs and $500 bags don’t really go together. You know what would improve this ad? Ryan Lochte.

Fashion is sometimes in the eye of the beholder. The look above is something I actually find to be avant garde chic; most people would say the woman is out of her ever-loving mind. Keep reading to see some recent fashion looks on celebs that push the envelope, whether it’s for the love of true fashion or just something new from them entirely!

Over time, the modeling industry has shocked and appalled various groups, whether it be through the heroin-chic modeling days of Kate Moss or the sky-high shoes that bind the feet and leave the wearer practically crippled. A recent story that caught my eye is that of the 10-year-old French Vogue model. Read more to see how the media and modeling industry are sexualizing this adolescent girl.

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