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Who was the big winner on the Biggest Loser finale last night? Keep reading for the winner, diet tips and our best exercises for maintaining your weight loss!

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How would you feel if someone told you that you could lose weight just by laying down?  A little dubious, right?  Well, the Norwegian weight loss program, Bailine, claims just that.  With a few electrodes and a couple tweaks to your diet, you’ll lose inches in no time…or so they say.  Learn more after the jump.

I’ve been kind of a bad exerciser lately. Life has gotten in the way, and it’s just been difficult to fit working out into my schedule. My grandmother passed away last Thursday, so my priority was to be with my mother, aunts and grandfather all weekend long.

The Chicago Bulls are also playing in the Eastern Conference Finals, and I can’t miss a game! Tonight, I’m having girlfriends over to watch the Real World, and I’m afraid I won’t have time to exercise again. Yikes!

Since I have to hold off on exercising, I need to find other ways to stay active or more important, not gain any weight. Keep reading for my tips!

Before I went on vacation, I told myself not to hold back when it came to food, booze and fun. I didn’t hold back one bit. So I shouldn’t be surprised or upset that I gained several pounds on my very short trip. However, I am a woman,  so of course I’m just a teeny bit depressed. But instead of complaining, I’m getting myself back to exercising and eating healthy! I’m going to lose that weight in no time!

Tonight’s episode started off with Kaylee apologizing for giving up during last week’s weigh in, which resulted in Justin being sent home.  She vowed a renewed dedication to the game, despite being right near her goal weight.

When the contestants went into the gym, they found Ali waiting for them. She was ready to show them videos of the day they found out they made the The Biggest Loser.  As heartfelt a moment as this was, it wasn’t just all warm and fuzzy memories. Ali reminded the contestants that there’s always a 12th team that doesn’t make the final cut for the show. But Vance and Leann, the 12th team, arrived at the ranch, ready to compete for a place in the house.