When I discovered Zumba almost 3 years ago I became instantly hooked, and within two months I received my certification to teach. I had grown up taking dance classes, but when I moved away for school I stopped dancing and attended the group fitness classes at my gym. While I enjoyed working out, there was always something missing in my exercise routine. I loved dancing because it never felt like exercise. It was just fun. When I found Zumba, everything clicked. Zumba infuses some of the sexiest and most rhythmic dance steps into a high intensive cardio class. Some people may wonder how someone could even burn 600 calories salsa dancing. But let me tell you, it’s possible.

The 7-minute workout

I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t have a diligent workout routine. So when I heard about the new “7-Minute Exercise” last week I was pretty excited. Who can’t manage dedicating just seven minutes of their day to exercise, right? Without further ado, I tried it out and here’s my review.

Let me tell you, folks, it may have only lasted seven minutes, but it was quite a ride!

a man stretching his leg

I exercise every morning before work. 6:45 AM I’m inside and going to town on the machines. The people who go at that time are all there to actually exercise, so I don’t mind if it’s busy. I, however, made the horrible decision of sleeping in on Thanksgiving and getting to the gym around 9:00 AM. Dear God. Instead of people sweating on the machines, I was greeted by people laughing, conversing, and standing around texting. GIVE. ME. A. BREAK. This is a gymnasium, not a tea party. 

We have a strength-training routine that only takes ten minutes for days when you’re really busy and only have a bit of time to work out at home. Keep reading to see the routine, and tell us more about the fitness moves you’d like to see on RWM!

This week, we had the opportunity to talk to some of our favorite bloggers, the Fit Bottomed Girls! These girls know all about staying fit, and know that fit comes in all different shapes and sizes. Keep reading to learn more about Jennipher Walters, co-founder of www.FitBottomedGirls.com, and how you can get motivated to be fit!

Before I went on vacation, I told myself not to hold back when it came to food, booze and fun. I didn’t hold back one bit. So I shouldn’t be surprised or upset that I gained several pounds on my very short trip. However, I am a woman,  so of course I’m just a teeny bit depressed. But instead of complaining, I’m getting myself back to exercising and eating healthy! I’m going to lose that weight in no time!

I haven’t gone to the gym in a long time.  I mean a LONG time.  I was full of excuses: I’m not feeling well, I’m tired, I ate too much beforehand…the list goes on.  I dreaded going to the gym so much that I would do anything to avoid making the trek over there.  Finally, last night, I went back and it led to the creation of my new favorite word.

The second I stepped on that elliptical, I felt amazing.  I was energized, I was happy, and I felt productive.  How had I forgotten how great this felt?  That’s when I realized that I had gotten a case of gymnesia: when you haven’t gone to the gym in such a long time that you forget how great it actually feels to work out! Do you ever suffer from gymnesia?

When Kathryn took a vacation to Disney World at the end of January, she posted about how to try and eat healthy when surrounded by tons of tasty temptations.

Well, now I am in a similar situation, except that I am not heading to sunny Florida.  I am heading off to gorgeous Stowe Vermont on Saturday where I will be skiing the lovely slopes of Mt. Mansfield and claiming my prize of the HGTV dream home! Just kidding – I wish! But I am really am going to Stowe to ski where I can at least catch a glimpse of this amazing home and dream about what it would be like to win it!

You won’t catch me dead in a gym anytime soon. But you will catch me working out from home 5-6 times a week. I still live with my parents so I’m extremely fortunate when it comes to equipment. They have a treadmill and an elliptical, and those are my two favorite workout machines. Plus there are so many different ways to work out at home.

The time will come when I do move out, and I’ll be forced into a fitness center to get my workouts in. I’m dreading that though. Why, you wonder? I have many reasons…

Yesterday, much of the Midwest was blanketed with anywhere from 16 – 24 inches of snow! Since I live in the Chicagoland area, I left work early Tuesday afternoon, as the blizzard approached, and waited for a complete white out.  Sure enough, it snowed all evening, night and into the Wednesday morning.

That's my car...surrounded by 2 feet of snow!

As exciting as it was to see so much snow, it threw off my workout schedule just a bit. There was absolutely no way I could even begin to think about going to the gym! I could barely open the door let alone make it down a flight of stairs and across a parking lot.