We had the opportunity to talk to Jody of Truth2BeingFit this week, and she gave us lots of ideas and inspirations about getting fit. At 53, Jody has had a lot of experience, and is very knowledgeable about fitness and health. Keep reading to learn about what Jody had to tell us!

Marylou Hansen! Congratulations, Marylou, on winning the Fit&Fab Living Weight Loss Story Contest. Thanks again for submitting your inspirational weight loss story! Keep reading to see Marylou’s “before” and “after” pictures.

Marylou Hansen, Age 65

Starting weight: 250 lbs.

Ending weight 123 lbs.

My weight loss journey began in 1973 by circumstance, definitely not on purpose.  I had separated from my then-husband.  I had 5 kids ranging from an infant to 12 years of age.  My husband refused to pay child support, which was not enforced in those days and my job only paid very little.  I was forced to be frugal. I got food from a food bank every 3rd day which was limited (quart baggies of instant oatmeal, powdered milk, instant potatoes, 10 slices of bread and maybe a can of spam).  That little food doesn’t go far in a family of 6, so most of the food went to my kids.  That first 3 months I lost 40 pounds.

I’ve recently learned that I have a flawed way of thinking about what constitutes a “good” cardio workout.  Personally, I always felt like the workout couldn’t be good unless it was at least 50 minutes long. Why 50 minutes? I have no idea – it’s just an arbitrary number that I chose, which just happened to look a lot nicer than 45 minutes.

Now that I am placing a new emphasis on strength training, I’ve realized I need to cut back on my cardio time on days when I strength train.  So unfortunately, no more hour of running, leaving a measely 10 to 15 minutes for strength training. I needed more of a 30-minute workout.

I took my first stab at this new program for yesterday’s workout.  I ran for 35 minutes. I was sure I wasn’t going to be able to stop the treadmill at 35 minutes, so I decided I needed to make the most of that short time by running intervals.

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